Commercial Indoor Racquetball Court Installation

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Indoor Racquetball Court Design and Installation Professionals You Can Trust

HCA Sports is a leading provider of commercial indoor racquetball court design and installation services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality, custom indoor racquetball courts that exceed client expectations and provide an outstanding playing experience.

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Customization Options for Commercial Indoor Racquetball Courts

At HCA Sports, we offer a wide range of customization options to create the perfect indoor racquetball court for your facility. Our design specialists work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions, including court dimensions, wall and flooring materials, lighting systems, and additional features such as spectator seating and locker rooms.

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Transform Your Facility into a Premier Racquetball Destination

With HCA Sports, you can elevate your facility into a premier racquetball destination, attracting players of all skill levels. We focus on designing and installing state-of-the-art racquetball courts that meet and surpass industry standards, ensuring your facility stands out from the competition.

Why Choose HCA Sports

Expertise in Commercial Indoor Court Installations

HCA Sports has a proven track record of success in commercial indoor court installations. Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex projects, ensuring a seamless installation process and exceptional results.

Innovative Design Solutions

Our design specialists stay current with the latest trends and technologies in racquetball court design, providing innovative solutions that optimize your facility's space, functionality, and aesthetics.

High-Quality Materials and Construction

We use only the highest-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure that your indoor racquetball court is durable, functional, and visually appealing.

Safety and Performance

At HCA Sports, safety and performance are paramount. We design and install racquetball courts that adhere to strict safety guidelines while also focusing on maximizing court performance to provide an exceptional playing experience.

Building a Commercial Indoor
Racquetball Court Cost Breakdown

HCA Sports is dedicated to offering clear and competitive pricing for commercial indoor racquetball court installations. Our in-depth cost breakdown encompasses every project phase, providing clients with a precise and transparent understanding of the necessary investment to establish a top-notch racquetball facility.

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Design and Permitting

The first step in building a commercial indoor racquetball court involves crafting a custom design tailored to your specific needs and securing the required permits. Our skilled design team works closely with you to develop a bespoke layout while ensuring compliance with all legal obligations and obtaining the necessary permits.

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Site Preparation and Structural Modifications:

Appropriate site preparation and structural adjustments are vital for a functional and safe indoor racquetball court. 

The costs for this stage depend on factors such as the existing space, excavation or demolition requirements, and structural reinforcements. HCA Sports guarantees a stable and well-prepared foundation for your court.

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Construction Materials and Methods:

The expense of construction materials and methods varies depending on aspects like the court’s size, wall type, flooring, and overall design intricacy. HCA Sports utilizes premium materials and tried-and-true construction methods to ensure a long-lasting and functional indoor racquetball court.

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Lighting and Electrical

Adequate lighting and electrical systems are crucial for an indoor racquetball court, providing optimal visibility and safety during play. HCA Sports evaluates lighting needs based on the court’s dimensions and intended usage, offering energy-efficient solutions. 

The expense of lighting and electrical work hinges on factors such as the number of fixtures, lighting type, and any supplementary electrical necessities.

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Ventilation and Climate Control:

Sufficient ventilation and climate control systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable and secure atmosphere within your indoor racquetball court. The costs of these systems fluctuate based on the court’s size, local weather conditions, and the desired degree of climate control.

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Racquetball Court Equipment and Accessories:

Installing racquetball court equipment and accessories, including nets, racquets, and balls, add to the overall expense of a commercial indoor racquetball court. HCA Sports provides an extensive selection of top-quality equipment options, ensuring your facility caters to players of all abilities.

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Spectator Seating and Amenities:

Cozy seating and amenities for spectators are crucial if your indoor racquetball facility hosts matches or events. 

The cost of seating, restrooms, concession stands, and additional amenities depends on the preferred capacity and comfort level.

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Labor and Installation:

 Labor and installation are the ultimate cost of constructing a commercial indoor racquetball court. HCA Sports employs seasoned experts who specialize in building and installing indoor racquetball courts to the highest standards, guaranteeing the most favorable return on your investment.

By supplying a thorough and transparent cost breakdown, HCA Sports empowers clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their commercial indoor racquetball court, helping them bring their dream project to fruition.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Building a Commercial Indoor Racquetball Court?

Several factors can impact the cost of building a commercial indoor racquetball court, including the size and complexity of the project, the type and quality of materials used, labor costs, and the level of customization required. HCA Sports works closely with clients to comprehensively understand their budget and design preferences, delivering tailored solutions that optimize their investment.

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Tools for DIY Indoor racquet

DIY vs. HCA Commercial Indoor Racquetball Court Installation

While a DIY approach to building an indoor racquetball court may seem tempting, partnering with HCA Sports’ installation experts offers significant benefits.


 Our team ensures that your project adheres to industry standards and regulations, provides a smooth and efficient construction process, and minimizes potential delays and cost overruns.

Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to offer valuable insights and recommendations to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your court.

Gallery of Commercial Indoor Racquetball Courts

Discover HCA Sports’ impressive commercial indoor racquetball court portfolio by browsing the gallery of our completed projects. Our gallery showcases a diverse range of racquetball courts, each carefully designed and expertly installed by our team of professionals. 

As you explore the gallery, you’ll see firsthand the exceptional quality and attention to detail that sets HCA Sports apart in the industry.

Commercial Indoor Racquet

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard dimensions for a racquetball court are 20 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 20 feet high. 

However, additional space may be needed for surrounding walls, lighting systems, spectator seating, and other court components. HCA Sports can help you assess your available space and design a racquetball court that fits within your facility’s constraints.

Proper lighting is essential for an indoor racquetball court to ensure visibility and safety during play. HCA Sports can recommend and install the appropriate lighting system for your court. 

Flooring options for indoor courts can vary, with choices including hardwood, synthetic surfaces, or specially designed racquetball court flooring. Our team can help you select the best flooring option based on your preferences, budget, and facility requirements.

Soundproofing is important for indoor racquetball courts, particularly in multi-use facilities or densely populated areas. HCA Sports can recommend and install soundproofing solutions, such as specialized wall panels, acoustic barriers, and noise-reducing flooring materials, to minimize noise levels and create a comfortable environment for players and spectators.

Regular maintenance for a commercial indoor racquetball court includes:

  • Cleaning the flooring and walls.
  • Inspecting and maintaining the lighting system.
  • Addressing any wear and tear on the court surfaces.
  • Checking for any damage caused by use or environmental factors.


HCA Sports can guide proper court maintenance and recommend appropriate cleaning products and methods.

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