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Flexible Acrylic Painted Surface

Flexible Acrylic Painted Surface.

> Flexible multi-coat acrylic paint system

> Consistent bounce and excellent traction.

> Does not offer shock reduction or shock resistance

tennis court

Pickle Grip

> All weather athletic tile surface.

> Open top design allowing for immediate draining during wet weather, also covers up cracks, stains and puddles.

> 24 color options 16-year warranty.

tennis court

HCA’s “KUSH” Pickleball Surface (Herculan 7+2 PB)

> Premier multi-layer surface preferred by playing pros!

> Rubber base layer (7mm) provides 25% shock reduction for play comfort.

> Rigid polyurethane top layer(2mm) produces championship-level pickleball bounce.

> coating for exceptional traction even when wet.

> Unlike acrylic surfaces, KUSH will not crack and only needs repainting every 12 to 15 years.


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