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Swing, batter, batter… Pitching machines, turf, and more, we’ll bring the excitement of batting practice to the comfort of home.

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There are few activities as fulfilling as a visit to the ballpark—the smell of fresh ballpark dogs and peanuts permeating the air, the anticipation of seeing a homerun or becoming the lucky fan who gets to catch a foul ball as a souvenir. But even more exhilarating than seeing a professional baseball game is playing in one.

turnkey indoor baseball court

At Home Court Advantage, it is our goal to bring this very sensation into the comforts, conveniences, and safeties of your home so you can play like the pros, right at home.


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    professional indoor baseball field

    Whether your mind is set on a professional indoor baseball field that will be the envy of the neighborhood and the pros alike or professional level batting cages to blend the high energy of a professional training facility with the privacy and convenience of home, we specialize in delivering turnkey indoor baseball courts based on your exact specifications.

    variety of modular flooring

    We offer a wide variety of modular flooring and turf to bring the field into any dwelling, and an even wider variety of court accessories ranging from bleachers and scoreboards with custom logos to automatic ball pitchers and ball containment nets. Whatever you can dream up, we can build it.

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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