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Hitting the gym at home

Hitting the gym can be a process—getting ready, limber, into the right mindset. What’s more, you have coordinate your entire day to allow ample time for accommodating your workout plans—getting there, doing your entire workout routine, showering, changing clothes, and finally getting back home or to work to carry on with your day’s remaining activities. And there are still variables to take into consideration, like traffic jams or gym busyness causing delays in your plans or requiring you to go home early. A residential workout room from Home Court Advantage solves these puzzles.

Custom-Build Workout Rooms

Our residential workout rooms put the gym in your basement and are custom-built to your every specification, allowing for you to exercise not just when you want, but how you want. This means we’ll work with you to discover your idiosyncratic preferences and make certain they are present in our concepts, designs, and the final workout room we install.


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    For estimates, please contact us at your convenience. It's an honor to help you make your sports dream a reality.

    Home Gym Flooring

    Our modular gym flooring is breathable, sweat-proof, malleable, and shock absorbing, allowing you to nimbly glide across them, run, jump, barrel-roll…anything you throw at them, figuratively and literally, they will be able to withstand. So don’t sweat over dropped dumbbells!

    Home Gym Accessories

    Complete the space with virtually every gym accessory imaginable to ensure that you’re working out to your fullest capacity whenever you hit the gym—just crawl out of bed and mosey on down to your own personal athletic center!

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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