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Imagine this scene:

clear skies and warm weather, a competitive exchange of rivaling racquets at your neighborhood tennis club or at the community court… but alas, the court is occupied.

commercial court into the comfort and conveniences of your backyard

With a residential racquet court from Home Court Advantage, you get to decide when your passion serves flight to a trusty ball or birdie, as well as who gets to be on your team, on the rivaling side of the court, or along the sidelines. Our outdoor racquet courts bring the thrill of a professional, commercial court into the comfort and conveniences of your backyard—the perfect way to bring loved ones together in familial love of a favorite sport.


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    For estimates, please contact us at your convenience. It's an honor to help you make your sports dream a reality.

    modular flooring & accessories

    We offer a wide range of customizable modular flooring specifically designed to withstand the tough conditions of sharp weather changes. We also provide a full line of racquet court accessories, such as adjustable tennis and other racquet sports nets, ball containment, outdoor lighting, seating, and more.

    No project is too small or too large.

    This ensures that, whatever personalization you’re looking for, we can affordably bring your dreams of a professional-level racquet court, with the privacies of home, to life in your backyard; no matter the level of specification required, Home Court Advantage is here to make it happen. No project is too small or too large.

    Common racquet sports projects have included, but are not limited to:

    • Badminton
    • Pickleball
    • Paddleball
    • Squash
    • Racquetball

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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