3 Important Topics to Determine Court Size

backyard basketball court with three basketball hoops

One common thought that comes to many of our customer’s mind is, “What size court is best for me?”

Here are three important topics to help decide the best court size for you:

  • Budget – What is a comfortable financial number you are willing to put towards your dream court? Athletic courts are an exciting amenity for any home! Find comfort in knowing you can add accessories over time if a size court is important to you.
  • Village – What are your Village’s parameters and setbacks? Do they have a permeable to impermeable ratio? What are the drainage requirements? Villages will quickly affect construction of any kind. Before you become heart set on size of a court, make sure it will pass for permitting.
  • Sports of Play – What are all the sports of priority to play on the court? What is a good size to accommodate all desired sports? For example, let’s say you want a court that can accommodate both basketball and racket sports. For a comfortable basketball, half court with a full three-point line, you will want a 26’ x 44’ court. Pickle ball’s dimensions are 20’ x 44’. To Accommodate both sports, an option would be a 30’ x 50’ size court. This would give your pickleball dimensions enough space outside the lines. Building a dream athletic court becomes an exciting venture! Do not hesitate to ask your sales representative for guidance on what will best suit your check list.