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switch between your favorite sports

You might find that one minute you’re shooting hoops, and the next you’re serving the start to a spirited tennis match. If you’re a multisport athlete or have a family of athletes eager to play their preferred sport, you no longer have to worry about compromising by prioritizing one sport over another in your home court design aspirations. Our multi-sport residential court configurations combine exceptional function with unparalleled specification and customization. Allowing you to effortlessly switch between your favorite sports, multi-sport residential courts ensure you’ll get the most out of your home court and can spend more time playing!

Common sports that lend well to multi-sport residential court configurations include, but are not limited to:


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    Multi Sport Indoor Flooring

    We specialize in fully designing and installing multi-use indoor gyms, starting from the ground up. We offer a wide range of athletic flooring, ranging from versatile modular flooring available in every conceivable color, pattern, and specification, to high-performance, premium wood flooring that the pros play on!

    professional level gym

    Finish your court with any imaginable feature—from tennis and volleyball nets to basketball hoops, ball returns, wall padding with custom logos, and even locker rooms, we’ll build a professional level gym in the comfort and conveniences of your home.

    experts in zoning regulations

    What’s more, our team of court designers are experts in zoning regulations specific to the Midwest, so you know that, whatever ideas you have for your multi-sport residential court, we can make it happen at Home Court Advantage.

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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