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Turf, wall padding, goals, and everything else you need to have soccer practice safely!

A professional soccer field is more than a big plot of grass.

To start, there’s the subtlety of neatly sculpted, professionally landscaped grounds, and the markings on the turf, applied with razor-thin precision. But at the center of this portrait of professionalism we come to expect and take for granted of a sports field is an oft-unheard saga of toil and machine-like maintenance, including fertilization to accomplish the field’s rigorous schedule of use, as well as to deal with the environmental conditions that may present (e.g., drought and disease resistance, heat and cold tolerance, etc.).


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    commercial soccer arenas

    At Home Court Advantage, we understand the multipurpose function and high-performance needs of commercial soccer arenas. We share your passion for soccer and are dedicated to installing the soccer field suited to your commercial needs.

    Outdoor Soccer Turf

    We provide a wide selection of high-performance all-season outdoor modular flooring and turf that combine unparalleled durability with unprecedented usability to allow players of all calibers to achieve their highest level of performance, from amateurs and intramurals to seasoned pros.

    Wider selection

    Our even wider selection of field accessories includes everything from goals, field markers, and custom logos to outdoor seating, lighting, and scoreboards. Anything you could possibly need, we can supply it.

    We can build it

    Specializing in developing turnkey, fully customizable solutions based on your exact specifications, we’ll install your turf or field accessories in record time to ensure little-to-no downtime!

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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