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Turf, wall padding, goals, and everything else you need to have soccer practice safely!

professional commercial indoor soccer facility that provides year-long memberships!

For soccer players, few sensations will compare to those they feel while on the field. Teams face off, a soccer ball is kicked, and after it racing cleats chase, with each new goal bringing growing desires and anticipation of triumph and competitor upset. An unfortunate sensation is realizing soccer season is nearing, except, of course, for those who take advantage of a professional commercial indoor soccer facility that provides year-long memberships!




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    high performance commercial soccer arenas

    At Home Court Advantage, we understand the multipurpose function and high-performance needs of commercial soccer arenas and share in your passion for providing premium indoor soccer environments.

    tailor-made, turnkey solutions

    We specialize in developing tailor-made, turnkey solutions for your commercial indoor soccer facilities. With a wide selection of indoor flooring, we ensure that all your facilities’ members, from the amateurs and intramurals to the seasoned pros, can achieve their highest level of performance.

    Indoor Soccer Turf

    Our flooring options include modular flooring and indoor turf offering unparalleled durability for high-traffic commercial sports situations. Our even wider selection of field accessories includes everything from goals, field markers, and custom logos to indoor seating, lighting, scoreboards, and locker rooms. Anything you could possibly need, we can supply it. Best of all… we’ll install your turf or field accessories in record time to ensure little-to-no downtime!

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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