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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of project are you dreaming up? It will depend on your Village, Homeowners Association and the details of your dream court. We couldn’t be more excited to help!
No, we have a sports thumb not a green thumb. 😊
Concrete does not come with a warranty as the ground can not be controlled for settlement.
This allows for expansion and contraction of the tile surface with seasonal temperatures.
Duration of court install will depend on permitting, if concrete is needed, and which surface is chosen. But we always do our best to get your court up and playing as quickly as we can!
We recommend concrete; with 4” of crushed stone + 4” of 4,000 PSI with wire mesh throughout and a medium broom finish.
  • Acrylic Paint: A high-quality, flexible acrylic paint that looks great! This proprietary 100% acrylic latex color coat formulation uses only the highest quality pigments and compounds. Colorguard Acrylic Paint meets the demands of tennis facilities, pickleball courts, basketball courts, in-line skating, running tracks and other sports surfaces. It will need to be repainted every 3-5 years.
  • SnapSport’s Modular Tile: An excellent all weather athletic surface, versatile for multiple types of sports and activities. With an open top design allowing for immediate drainage during wet weather, it also covers up cracks, stains, and puddles. Modular surfaces have low annual maintenance, are UV stable and have vertical and lateral shock absorption for player safety. Modular surface options can be portable or permanent, includes a 16-year warranty and are proudly made in the U.S.A. 24 colors available, and logos can be easily added.
  • KUSH: A premier multi-layer surface preferred by playing pros! Rubber base layer (7mm) provides 25% shock reduction for player comfort. Rigid polyurethane top layer (2mm) produces championship-level pickleball bounce. Textured coating for exceptional traction even when wet. Unlike acrylic surfaces, KUSH will not crack and only needs repainting every 12 to 15 years.

No problem! We can do a 6 in crushed stone base with a stabilizing panel, then followed up with a modular surface on top. Acrylic paint and KUSH are not available for this.

No, it won’t. HCA has a patent pending concrete spec and anchor system based on athletic play to prevent the modular surface from sliding.

We would recommend a 24×44 court with a hoop that has a 3ft overhang, the hoop would be located on the 44’ side.