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Tennis derives from an ancient sport called “real tennis” or “royal tennis,” which was played indoors. Today, indoor tennis courts are used for the modern game, which can be played inside and outside. It resembles a version of the sport from the 18th and 19th centuries called “lawn tennis.”

Indoor home tennis courts that are regulation are the same length and width as outdoor courts (27’ W x 78’ L) but require overhead room. Your home indoor tennis court can be personalized for your family and is the perfect way to be active while enjoying a lifetime sport at home. Receive your indoor tennis court installation from a professional team that specializes in residential indoor racquet sports and serve away!

Tennis Court Installation

Your indoor tennis court can be anything you want it to be with the assistance of Home Court Advantage (HCA). We are the sport court industry leader; a professional manufacturer and supplier of premium indoor residential tennis court installation and related amenities.

Our capabilities include:

  • Indoor tennis court installation that is efficient and leaves you with a high-quality product.
  • Custom designed indoor courts with durable, responsive surfaces.
  • Indoor tennis court amenities like nets, ball containment, lighting, seating, and more.
  • Project management oversight with the ability to assist with construction permits, zoning, or related needs before, during, and after tennis court construction.
  • Friendly customer service – guaranteed.

HCA will work with you to complete an indoor court installation that meets your specific needs so you can play for years to come. We are your full-service solution for indoor tennis, specializing in the creation of athletic courts for various kinds of spaces. Our team develops an experience that is custom tailored to your requirements. Work with us to build a tennis court you can be proud to call your own.


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    Indoor Tennis Court Surfaces

    The athletic flooring we use for your indoor tennis court is made to last and supports play. HCA only provides durable court surfaces that are cost-effective and can be configured and designed exactly as you want.

    We use modular athletic flooring, which breathes and stays sweat-proof when you’re working hard on your game. Our indoor tennis court surfaces also absorb shock to reduce as many injuries as possible. Choose from a wide variety of color options, designs, and other aesthetics to perfectly blend with your home.

    HCA also knows that you may wish to use your indoor tennis court surface for other fun activities, games, and sports. Enjoy all of your favorites with an indoor multi-sport court that is configured to what you want to play.

    Custom Indoor Tennis Courts

    Home Court Advantage makes it a point to provide our valued clients with custom indoor tennis courts that match their personalities and interests. Select your modular surface in the color scheme and design you desire. We even have the ability to include custom logos, quotes, and more.

    As a small company, we create your individualized court to last. HCA indoor tennis courts are low maintenance and our materials won’t quickly deteriorate because of use. Talk with HCA about your ideas and we will turn them into a reality. Request a quote for your indoor home tennis court today!

    Home Court Advantage serves local residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois and Florida. Learn more about the areas we service:

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